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My webseries Inhuman Condition – my passion project, which I have loved and shepherded for two years and relentlessly promoted for the last few months – has been selected to receive IPF funding. In short: We’re going to series!!

What does this mean? The details are scarce, as Smokebomb will be firming up official plans now that we’ve got the greenlight. It’s my personal hope that we’ll be in production before end of the year and release early next, but there’s no official word on that, so don’t quote me. Episode count and length, also unconfirmed, though I’ll let you all know the moment it’s officially firmed up.

What can you do to support us? Well, first off – many of you have already been amazingly helpful by participating in our IPF campaign, so I want to take a second to THANK YOU for helping make this possible! We – literally-  couldn’t have done this without your support and enthusiasm.

But, you say — the past is the past and we want to participate now. Well, thankfully, there’s plenty you can do – by engaging with our ongoing campaign & transmedia and, hopefully, having a bit of fun with us!

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INHUMAN CONDITION: Clips From the Series

A couple months ago, I introduced my webseries Inhuman Condition to you guys, and excitedly posted when we were approved for Round 2 of the IPF a couple weeks ago. Now, in addition to the trailer that debuted in March, there are two clips from the series making the rounds. All three below…

Please – watch, like, comment and share them around! The more attention and love we get, the stronger a case we make for funding! We’ll know in June.


My webseries Inhuman Condition has been selected to move forward to round 2 of IPF funding consideration!

A bit of math: Out of 188 applications, 23 projects progressed to Round 2: 14 English-language and 9 French. So, it’s very exciting that we’ve been selected to move forward! We’ll know in June whether Inhuman Condition will receive funding to produce more episodes.

Survival of the Fittest: The 2011/2012 Television Season

This season of television was pretty good. There have been some excellent shows, and some downright terrible ones. The overbearing theme of this season, for me, was impatience. I finally gave up on shows I’ve been losing interest in for years, and even found myself hesitant to devote my time to new shows. I was so busy, there was a proper culling of the herd.

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