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Cultural Changes in TV: Contrasting Just Shoot Me and Ugly Betty (Nov. 2008)

In my first year at Ryerson (Nov. 2008), the term paper we were assigned to write was a compare-and-contrast research paper comparing two television shows, and what the differences between them showed about TV at the time. The paper was well-received, and I was recommended to keep a copy of it as a portfolio piece should I ever pursue writing about television, rather than writing television as I intend.

I’m rather proud of it. Like all ‘unpublished’ pieces, it is a work in progress that can always be tightened, rewritten and corrected. I’m sharing it with the world both as a piece that shows my analytical/historical interests in TV, as a portfolio piece, and as a way of opening it up to scrutiny in order to allow me to improve it for future use.

Keeping in mind that this was written in 2008, when Ugly Betty was in the midst of its second season, here goes…

* Note that the only modifications I’ve made to this draft since 2008 were to change ‘transgender people/persons’ to ‘transgendered people/persons’, as I believe that term is more respectful, and the addition of bullet points to one portion so that it reads better..

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