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WEBSERIES: Husbands and the Kickstarter Revolution

Have you seen Husbands? It’s a charming comedic webseries from Jane Espenson and Brad Bell (who co-stars in it as well), about a comedian and a sports star who, while celebrating gay marriage equality in a fictional, gay-friendly version of the US, get drunk and then married unexpectedly. While an enjoyable series, this post isn’t really about Husbands. 

It’s about their Kickstarter campaign.

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PIRACY AND MEDIA: Let’s Take It Personally

The issue of piracy in media is overwhelming, with practically everyone lining up on each side of the argument. Some say that piracy is destroying the industry, while others are saying that it’s not having nearly the effect it seems to. The thing is, there’s been plenty of top-down approaches to fixing the problem, many of them disastrous (like SOPA/PIPA and DRM).

I’m not saying top-down approaches are doomed. What I am saying is that us individuals, whether artists/creators or not, have more power than deciding which top-down approach we support or villify. We can make a difference individually, one person at a time. Some by buying as much media as we can. However, not all of us have that much in the way of discretionary income, so there’s only so much we can do to expand our support with our own money.

But that isn’t the only option.

For example, I’ve been thinking about why pirates download media, particularly music, and how we as individuals can approach it differently than corporations…

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PERSONAL: Social Media Flurry

Have recently been working to create a decent social media presence lately. It seems to be a key component in creating an online persona beyond the blog. I’ve been Tweeting both at rjlackie, my personal Twitter account, and signal_tv, the account for The Signal. I’ve also been setting up more social media profiles, like at LinkedIn and Zerply.

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Derivative Works IV: Taking Back the Culture

In previous Derivative Works pieces, I’ve written about how the stigmas regarding fanfiction are inaccurate, and how derivative works can use a majority-centric work to create a space for a minority. In that last essay, I wrote about how cover songs can ‘queer’ a mainstream song, giving queer voices a way to access a song friendly to them in a landscape that usually isn’t. I’d like to explore, for a moment, how fanfiction does something similar with other works; in this example, television.

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MEDIA: Sites We Should Have in Canada

Tell me if this is a familiar issue for you: you encounter a website and think, wow, that’s amazing, and decide you’d like to participate – only to discover it doesn’t offer its services in Canada. A lot of really popular websites develop in the U.S. and, sadly, have no Canadian arm or equivalent to serve similar needs in our system. I say someone should change that.

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INTERNET: On Online Identity

Tonight, I discovered a longtime online friend was a fraud who falsified photos, details about his identity, and plagiarised scripts in order to ingratiate himself into a writing community I was a part of. The biggest question, after the confusion and hurt settled, was “Why?”.

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