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ABOUT THE BLOG: An Update and a Few Thoughts

The Diversionist has become that most hoary and yet consistent of blog cliches: once the writer’s beloved home base and regular publication, only to devolve into a quiet hole where the only posts are the occasional apology for the ongoing silence. In the past three months I’ve posted a grand total of twice, a shameful record.

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PERSONAL: Summer Blitz

I have neglected The Diversionist. As happens to many blogs, life has carried me away. That, and a general unease with acting like I know what I’m talking about since really entering the industry and realising exactly how little I know… I’ve had very little impetus to blog.

That, and a thousand projects capturing my attentions, making me feel guilty for even my occasional sidelong glances at my blog. As the wise ones say, you should be writing. So, I have indeed been writing.

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It’s been almost a month since I posted here (though, as usual, my Twitter‘s been going strong). Suffice to say, I didn’t even have time this month to finish NaNoWriMo, so I’ve neglected the blog for good reasons.

What am I up to?

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PERSONAL: Not Dead, Thanks

So! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted, and really, posting’s been light all month. Why is that? To be honest, this summer I’ve been fairly slammed, either with projects I’m not ready to discuss publicly (the feature I’m writing, Knockout) or projects I’m focusing on elsewhere (The Writersroom). In fact, I’ve been devoting my writing time to these two projects pretty much exclusively.

Well. Not exclusively.

In lieu of any professional topics I’d like to discuss, a personal update instead…

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While Googling myself, I uncovered a scene I wrote for one of my university classes in 2009 on YouTube, uploaded by one of my classmates who worked on it. I thought it might offer some amusement to anyone who reads here regularly.

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PERSONAL: No Diversions Allowed / Badass Summer Ahead

Ah, Diversionist, how I’ve missed you. Exam season has come and gone, and our time apart is no more! Sure, Finale Season in May will probably cause The Signal to blossom in my affections for four weeks, but you are my home.

If only we had something to talk about…

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PERSONAL: Just Stopping By

Life has a tendency to get a little crazy, and in recent weeks, that’s happened. Between the pilot I’ve been writing, and my other work for class… The Diversionist has been neglected somewhat. I guess, sometimes, I don’t have time for diversions.

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WRITING: Evil Essays That Go to Waste

There’s just something about essays written for school that, except in specific instances, makes them feel unpresentable. I’ve been writing them since high school, and 3/4 of my way through university, there’s still few essays I’ve written for class that I’d be comfortable showing off. Why?

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PERSONAL: On Insomnia, Gaga, and My Bubble

It hasn’t been a particularly eventful week, but I’ve had plenty to think over while stressing over things I really shouldn’t be stressing about. After the jump, a look at my nagging (though mild) insomnia, the sudden resurgence of certain songs in my iPod, and a pondering of a life somewhat unlived…

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EDUCATION: On University Classes and the Why of Them

I’m a third-year student in Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program. As of this writing, I’ve undertaken five semesters, and am in the midst of a sixth, with two more forthcoming before graduation. I’ve noticed four particular purposes by which I approach a class within my program.
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