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Here’s a handful of good reads for perusing by the fireplace this cold January…

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Interesting Reads I

I’ve always wanted to include a regular reading list of interesting blog posts here at The Diversionist, but I rarely find myself with the necessary time to sit down and put one together. That said, I’m going to give it a try now. Inclusion in this list doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree or disagree with a blog’s particular viewpoint, merely that I found it a worthwhile read.

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I’ve been pretty quiet here the past few weeks. Real life has its distractions, yes, but real life has not been the only obstacle. I’m launching a new project with Stéphane Lachance this summer, to coincide with the launch of  The Writersroom:

Know What You Write

Know What You Write is a screenwriting blog that’s going to be the launching pad for many new adventures. The main one: weekly posts will be going up over the course of the summer as the Writersroom progresses. As well as updates about that project, there will be plenty more to interest and intrigue. For example, my new Script Reading series, where I read a script from the industry and review it, providing a link so we can discuss it together. I’ve already taken a look at The Quickening, an A&E pilot that didn’t move forward last year, and Cult, a 2005 pilot at The WB that was killed by the merger with UPN, only to be recurrected right now for the current pilot season at The CW.

There’s plenty more where that came from. I’m also planning on updating, and in some cases, rewriting some Diversionist material, as well as tackling plenty of new topics. We’ll also be on the hunt for knowledgeable freelancers to come in and write an article or two on a topic they’re interested in.

I’m looking forward to digging in. I hope you’ll take a look.

WRITING: Looking Back on 2011

I’m a regular reader of Scott Meyers Go Into the Story screenwriting blog. I think it’s a fantastic resource for writers. And two things I really believe are important are taking stock of where you’ve been, and keeping an eye on where you’re going. So when he recently suggested writers write down what they’ve accomplished in 2011, with an eye on making goals for 2012, I thought that was a brilliant idea. So… What did I get done this year?

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READING: Learning Something New Every Day

I spend a lot of my time on my Google Reader. At first, it was to keep an eye on news in my industry – television – but as time goes on, it’s more and more about learning things I never knew about.

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Today, I feel like recommendations are in order. So! Get set! Below are some websites, articles, albums, etc. that I love, that folks might not know. I’ve lost most of my links in the computer crash, so this is mostly what I can gather since. Enjoy!

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