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Derivative Works IV: Taking Back the Culture

In previous Derivative Works pieces, I’ve written about how the stigmas regarding fanfiction are inaccurate, and how derivative works can use a majority-centric work to create a space for a minority. In that last essay, I wrote about how cover songs can ‘queer’ a mainstream song, giving queer voices a way to access a song friendly to them in a landscape that usually isn’t. I’d like to explore, for a moment, how fanfiction does something similar with other works; in this example, television.

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Derivative Works III: Cover Songs and Culture

I originally wrote this article for Generamus Magazine, though I remain unsure if it was printed in their most recent issue, or whether it was slated for the third, upcoming, one. Here, it will work as the third in my series of articles about derivative works, this time discussing how cover songs can stand in where mass culture can’t.

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‘Who’s Your City’, Place, and Creative Energy

Richard Florida‘s work, about the rise of the creative class, has been a key influence in how I think about the direction of the world and its economies ever since I read The Flight of the Creative Class in school last year. Since then, I’ve read The Rise of the Creative Class, and am now deep into Who’s Your City, his book about how where we live deeply influences our chances of success and happiness. And in Chapter 11, he makes a very intriguing point about creative energy and where you live.

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