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CHECK OUT: The Compass Network

I’ve written about how I’d like to expand the script series model so that more training screenwriters can give it a shot. I’ve also been pretty clear that I love being part of a creative community, networking and learning from brilliant folks out there in the global Internet space.

This summer, I have, with the help of a pair of friends and colleagues, taken a big step towards all of these goals.

Check out The Compass Network, the online community we launched last month.

The culmination of a lot of years thinking about writer development, script series, networking and promotion for writers who aren’t in a place to prove themselves to Hollywood bigshots – or, alternately, aren’t in a place where training is easily accessed. I know MZPtv made me into the writer I am now, as much as Ryerson University did, and I’ve been thinking about how to pay that forward for ages. This is how I’m going to do it.

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MY WRITING: My Dramatic Webisode Pilots

I’ve written a few articles on dramatic webisodes: on outlining them, and my own experiences one and two. It only makes sense that I share some of my work with y’all so I can discuss what I did and why…

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WRITING: Outlining Dramatic Webseries Episodes

Outlining is a crucial part of writing, particularly for structured forms like television. Webseries are an odd beast; formats aren’t so set like they are in television and film, though there is general consensus on certain wisdoms, like ideal length. When outlining an episode that is likely only 1-2 scenes long, and as many minutes, it’s difficult to decide on what you’re looking to include and cut in a webisode. Comedic webisodes are much easier, because then you’re just going for the laugh; if television sitcoms don’t contain much in the way of plot, comedic webseries pull even further to that extreme. However, dramatic webisodes musy build drama and tension inside of a few minutes. How do you plan and outline a dramatic webisode? Here’s my method…

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WRITING: Dramatic Webisode Experiments II

In June, I offered a taste of my experiences in writing dramatic webseries exploring the process of writing Darken House. Well, since the summer’s begun, I’ve played around with a few dramatic webisode series and, while Darken House has been a success, I’ve also had a chance to fumble. Here are some caveats to that previous, optimistic article…

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WRITING: Dramatic Webisode Experiments

Since early last year, I’ve been writing scripts for a dramatic webseries called Darken House, set in a mysterious world with no experience of ‘outside’. It’s been an amazing ride, and has gotten positive reviews from readers. And it’s rare, because dramatic series are barely ever attempted in the format.

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