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MUSIC: P!nk “The Truth About Love: Addendum

Last week I gave some initial thoughts on P!nk‘s new album. Below the cut, an addendum.

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MUSIC: Gloomy Day Playlist

There’s something of an ethereal beauty to a gloomy, chilly day. One where a small burst of rain has come and gone, leaving everything grey and feeling remote. Sometimes I think days like this are the way I love downtown best.

Most days when I’m downtown I rush to get out of the crowds, to get my coffee, to get on tithe next thing. Today, upon reaching the Ryerson campus, I just sat down outside to listen to music and enjoy the day. Below are a few tracks that capture the feeling of a day like this…

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MUSIC: A Sunday Wake Up and Kick the Morning’s Ass Mix

I am not just a dour writing-all-the-time writer person. I, like many of my generation, am prone to impromptu solo dance parties. If you want to join me, check out the songs I’ve been enjoying this fine morning below…

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WRITING: Project Songs

For me, there are a handful of songs that are intrinsically linked with specific writing projects. Rather than making a ‘project playlist’ for each one, they are more diamonds in the rough of my general listening, popping up amidst a subway ride to offer inspiration about a project in the moment. I listen to it, and visuals of the project play along in my mind to the music, often leading to ideas about characters, plots, dialogue. So far, it’s worked pretty well.

So, what music has inspired what projects?

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MUSIC: Now For Some Fun…

What am I listening to these days?

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MUSIC: The Beautiful Songs I

Because I’ve been listening to a lot of songs that have been sending shivers down my spine, here’s a few that have haunted me lately…

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Today, I feel like recommendations are in order. So! Get set! Below are some websites, articles, albums, etc. that I love, that folks might not know. I’ve lost most of my links in the computer crash, so this is mostly what I can gather since. Enjoy!

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