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READING: Best Books of 2014

Best books lists are a deeply flawed concept in a lot of ways. Reading’s not the priciest hobby, but buying a great number of new books, particularly the ones with buzz you inevitably hear about and must consider, takes a good deal of expenditure. Even if you buy tons of books, you need the time to read them — and there are always many you don’t get to. Comparing this book and that book is a fallacy anyway, because every person’s POV is different – and is effected by the person’s age, identity, situation and the circumstances around that particular read. It’s a fool’s game.

However, it’s also – and to me, this is the important bit – fun.

For me, these lists are really a starting place. A chance to open the conversation. And all the above, all the holes in the endeavour, perform a critical function: piercing the seriousness of it. After all, if there are so many things keeping these lists from meaning anything, they can mean whatever you like!

And I like it that way.

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WRITING Quick Tip: The War of Art

Every writer, particularly any writer who struggles with procrastination, needs to read the first 100 pages of Steven Pressfield‘s The War of Art. Part 2 is skippable, and Part 3… really wasn’t my thing. But Part 1, those first 100 pages, are absolutely essential.

My Best of 2014

A quick round up of My Best of 2014s to ring in the new year…

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PERSONAL: Reading Update June 2014

I gave a reading update last month. Since then… I’ve been reading quite a bit.

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PERSONAL: Reading Update April 2014

I gave a brief reading update early last month, where I upped my Reading Challenge for the year to 30. Since then, I’m right on track, making some pretty strong progress.

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Here’s a handful of good reads for perusing by the fireplace this cold January…

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MUSIC: P!nk “The Truth About Love: Addendum

Last week I gave some initial thoughts on P!nk‘s new album. Below the cut, an addendum.

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MUSIC: Gloomy Day Playlist

There’s something of an ethereal beauty to a gloomy, chilly day. One where a small burst of rain has come and gone, leaving everything grey and feeling remote. Sometimes I think days like this are the way I love downtown best.

Most days when I’m downtown I rush to get out of the crowds, to get my coffee, to get on tithe next thing. Today, upon reaching the Ryerson campus, I just sat down outside to listen to music and enjoy the day. Below are a few tracks that capture the feeling of a day like this…

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READING: How My Tastes Evolved

When I was a child, I would debate my reading habits with my grandmother with startling regularity.

“You won’t be an interesting writer unless you read nonfiction!” – My Grandmother.

“Nonfiction is boring and I hate it!” – Myself

At the time, I knew she was right, but I resented her for that. Reading was playtime for me, and trying to make it useful or important, all adult things, would get in the way of that. I found nonfiction boring. And I stand by my decision not to read it, because I might have ruined it for myself later.

Because, as they do for most of us, my tastes changed. Below, I explore that in some detail, including as many landmark books as I can remember from over the years…

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MUSIC: A Sunday Wake Up and Kick the Morning’s Ass Mix

I am not just a dour writing-all-the-time writer person. I, like many of my generation, am prone to impromptu solo dance parties. If you want to join me, check out the songs I’ve been enjoying this fine morning below…

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