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Survival of the Fittest: The 2011/2012 Television Season

This season of television was pretty good. There have been some excellent shows, and some downright terrible ones. The overbearing theme of this season, for me, was impatience. I finally gave up on shows I’ve been losing interest in for years, and even found myself hesitant to devote my time to new shows. I was so busy, there was a proper culling of the herd.

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TV: Was Adoption the Victim of Foul Play in Once Upon a Time’s Pilot?

I enjoyed the pilot of Once Upon a Time. I had some issues – Jennifer Morrison‘s gritty character, the best thing about it, clashed completely with everything else in its universe. The ‘fairy tale’ world was a bit hokey. Alright, a lot hokey. And one odd recurring theme was about adoption and, if you read between the lines, it gets a little ugly…

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