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WRITING: No, No, NaNoWriMo

So, NaNoWriMo 2012 was both a huge success and a bit of a failure. By the standards of the contest it was a pretty stark loss: I didn’t even hit half the required minimum.


In the 16 days I was still actively participating, I’d written 12,502 words of prose. That is a stunning victory considering my previous flailing attempts at writing prose in the past few years. And what more, I actually enjoyed myself, despite feeling completely out of my depth in that style. I got inside the heads of two of my characters, more intensely than I ever did in the development process.

I also got some practice thinking in prose terms. I came up with some interesting formatting ideas that wouldn’t fly in scripted content, with regards to parallel narratives and shuffling chapters. Thinking about the potentialities of a digital novel. That was a lot of fun, and perhaps might lead to something down the road.

I don’t have hard intentions to keep writing the prose version of this idea for the moment – too many projects, not enough time! – but I’ll definitely keep one eye on continuing when my writing life slows down, or when inspired to try prose again for a while.

How did your NaNo projects go? Final wordcount? Level of pride and/or failure?

WRITING: NaNoWriMo and the Non-Comfort Zone

I’m not a prose writer. As a kid I devoured books like they were a vital sustenance  but my writings have been all scripts and essays for a good eight years now, barring a couple ill-fated short story attempts. And so it is indescribably weird, the experience of going from ‘almost never’ to full-speed ahead, writing over 6500 words of prose in four days.

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