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MUSIC: A Sunday Wake Up and Kick the Morning’s Ass Mix

I am not just a dour writing-all-the-time writer person. I, like many of my generation, am prone to impromptu solo dance parties. If you want to join me, check out the songs I’ve been enjoying this fine morning below…

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MUSIC: Being a Writer Playlist

A brief playlist that strikes at the heart of some of my feelings about writing and being a writer…

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WRITING: Project Songs

For me, there are a handful of songs that are intrinsically linked with specific writing projects. Rather than making a ‘project playlist’ for each one, they are more diamonds in the rough of my general listening, popping up amidst a subway ride to offer inspiration about a project in the moment. I listen to it, and visuals of the project play along in my mind to the music, often leading to ideas about characters, plots, dialogue. So far, it’s worked pretty well.

So, what music has inspired what projects?

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PERSONAL: August Update

Hey, everyone. Here’s the rundown of how things are progressing for me as of the past month or so:

MUSIC: The Beautiful Songs I

Because I’ve been listening to a lot of songs that have been sending shivers down my spine, here’s a few that have haunted me lately…

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PERSONAL: On Insomnia, Gaga, and My Bubble

It hasn’t been a particularly eventful week, but I’ve had plenty to think over while stressing over things I really shouldn’t be stressing about. After the jump, a look at my nagging (though mild) insomnia, the sudden resurgence of certain songs in my iPod, and a pondering of a life somewhat unlived…

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PERSONAL: The Daily Post Challenges

There’s been a recurring notice on my WordPress about The Daily Post, a blog that gives you a topic every day to post about. While I hardly have the dedication to doa so, I enjoy taking random topics and seeing what comes out, so I’m tackling some here. How many, I don’t yet know. Let’s see…

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PERSONAL: How the Internet Has Changed My Life

This morning, I was reading a review of a book that posits that the Internet has destroyed our ability to memorise and focus, and that spun off into questions about what technology actually offers us. I’m not here to argue against the writer’s suggestions (in fact, as my recent attempts to dig back into reading attest, it’s very likely true), but offer up some ways in which the Internet has enriched my life, sort of as a counterbalance to our loss of focus..

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Today, I feel like recommendations are in order. So! Get set! Below are some websites, articles, albums, etc. that I love, that folks might not know. I’ve lost most of my links in the computer crash, so this is mostly what I can gather since. Enjoy!

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Potential Projects I: A Pondering

Everyone has a stack of ‘someday’ projects, right? The fact is, life moves way too fast for us to pursue everything we ever want to, and we’re often forced to set some ideas aside until we have the time to actually tackle them. I’ve got one eye focused on school and the other on my eventual career in television, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have interest in projects that don’t include TV. Here are a few of the ones I’ve had to leave on the backburner…

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