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TV: On Identification and HBO’s “Looking”

“You’re a pervert now. You gotta wear those colours with pride!”

I’ve watched the pilot for HBO’s Looking a few times now. Not because I planned to review it, or because I’ve watched it with other people, or out of particular fondness for a member of the cast.

I keep rewatching it because I identify with it, so much so that it’s forced me to reconsider my view of what it means to identify with a piece of fiction.

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PERSONAL: Not Dead, Thanks

So! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted, and really, posting’s been light all month. Why is that? To be honest, this summer I’ve been fairly slammed, either with projects I’m not ready to discuss publicly (the feature I’m writing, Knockout) or projects I’m focusing on elsewhere (The Writersroom). In fact, I’ve been devoting my writing time to these two projects pretty much exclusively.

Well. Not exclusively.

In lieu of any professional topics I’d like to discuss, a personal update instead…

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TV: Emmy Nomination Predictions

Every year, I pay much more attention to the Emmy Awards than they deserve. I sometimes wonder what that is – why, for example, I always celebrate nomination day by going out and getting an ice cream cone for myself. And I think the reason is this:

As a prospective television writer, I have a huge appreciation for television performers. And as a fan of television, even moreso. These people, week in and week out, build characters that we let into our homes through their skill, effort and natural charisma, supported and partnered with the writers, directors and crew around them. The awards themselves may seem meaningless, but damn, it’s nice to see their word rewarded anyhow.

So, my predictions, after going through the ballot and ranking them in what I see as likelihood of nomination…

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Survival of the Fittest: The 2011/2012 Television Season

This season of television was pretty good. There have been some excellent shows, and some downright terrible ones. The overbearing theme of this season, for me, was impatience. I finally gave up on shows I’ve been losing interest in for years, and even found myself hesitant to devote my time to new shows. I was so busy, there was a proper culling of the herd.

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