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WRITING TOOLS: The Sorting Hat Chats

In past weeks, I’ve made an effort to spend time on Tumblr. And one of my most exciting discoveries, from a writing standpoint, is the fascinating and elegant character analysis tool of The Sorting Hat Chatscreated by Kat and . Though an extension of Harry Potter fandom in style, I’ve found it to be a simple, yet complex and useful, tool for analysing and building characters regardless of one’s Pottermania or lack thereof.

So, how does it work?

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WRITING Quick Tip: The War of Art

Every writer, particularly any writer who struggles with procrastination, needs to read the first 100 pages of Steven Pressfield‘s The War of Art. Part 2 is skippable, and Part 3… really wasn’t my thing. But Part 1, those first 100 pages, are absolutely essential.

WRITING: My Writing Tools – Screenplay (iOS App)

Writers can be very picky with their software. Long gone are the days of typewriters; now, we can carry screenwriting software in our pockets. We can type out screenplays sitting on the bus, walking down the street, anywhere. Even the fumbling required for pen-and-pencil drafting is gone. For a while, though, I didn’t take advantage of this because I’d yet to settle into the screenwriting app I had access to: Screenplay.

Now that I’ve started using it more frequently, I find I’m writing at a speed possibly comparable to that with a laptop, and enjoying it very much. Details after the jump:

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