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ABOUT THE BLOG: An Update and a Few Thoughts

The Diversionist has become that most hoary and yet consistent of blog cliches: once the writer’s beloved home base and regular publication, only to devolve into a quiet hole where the only posts are the occasional apology for the ongoing silence. In the past three months I’ve posted a grand total of twice, a shameful record.

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2013 Oncoming

Last year, I went public with my goals for 2012. Now is the time to reflect on those goals, and make some new ones…

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ABOUT THE BLOG: The Big Bad Thousand

It’s official: May 2012 was The Diversionist‘s best month ever, delivering over 1,000 hits!

That’s small fry compared to most established players, but it’s a result of steady, strong growth the blog’s shown all year. In all of 2011, the blog garnered under 1,000 hits. This month is 200 hits above our next-highest hit count. It’s also, notably, a month that ended with a day where the blog saw its highest number of followers join in one day.

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My good friend Marius Masalar, who is a pretty brilliant composer, kindly offered to give this blog a makeover. And I’m really happy I said yes, because I love this new look he came up with. Much classier, much more relevant to the focus on writing this blog developed since its origins as a ‘bleh, whatever!’ blog… And the double side bar means you don’t have to scroll for miles for certain things.

I’m really happy about it. If you have any thoughts (or want to thank Marius as well!), leave your comments below and I’ll make sure he sees them. If you really want to thank him, or if your ears need a break from the tedium of life, check out his work above: Nereus is one of my favourite tracks on my iPod, after all!

DIVERSIONS IN BLOGGING: My Diversions Elsewhere Menu

After the popularity of my social media post, and my intentions to make The Diversionist more of a hub for my online identity, I’ve decided to make my social media accounts easier to find. Check out the sidebar for a complete list of my social media profiles, under the title My Diversions Elsewhere!

DIVERSIONIST: What Do You Think?

The blog’s been around for a few months now, and I’ve deeply enjoyed writing every post, whether a post on the details of writing or a silly music-based game. But my opinion isn’t the only important one here. The Diversionist is young enough that it’s still figuring out its identity. So, what do you think?

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