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‘Who’s Your City’, Place, and Creative Energy

Richard Florida‘s work, about the rise of the creative class, has been a key influence in how I think about the direction of the world and its economies ever since I read The Flight of the Creative Class in school last year. Since then, I’ve read The Rise of the Creative Class, and am now deep into Who’s Your City, his book about how where we live deeply influences our chances of success and happiness. And in Chapter 11, he makes a very intriguing point about creative energy and where you live.

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Lackie Eats in Toronto

I love food. Adore it. It’s one of my favourite things. However, in a world surrounded by vegetarians, vegans, and those with horrible food allergies, I find myself with my own food-based issue. It may not be something attached to consequences like pain or bloating, but it does make the food landscape a little more challenging.

I like it simple. I’m not a fan of condiments or sauces; not a big fan of sauces or marinades. Most vegetables turn me off a meal, as do ‘weird’ textures. This means that most expensive foods are off the table, and I find myself seeking out simple meals when restaurants are loathe to offer foods that don’t come covered in a thousand ancillary ingredients. I eat for pleasure, and there are a lot of things that turn me off. This means that a schnitzel that’s designed to be delicious with lettuce, tomato and mayo may leave me cold, or a souvlaki made with a tzatziki companion in mind may taste bland.

So, if you’re like me, you want to know where some of the simple pleasures of the downtown Toronto may be found. Well, here’s a brief list of the best I’ve found, dining in Toronto for two years…

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