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WRITING: Toronto Screenwriting Conference 1, Linwood Boomer (via Twitter)

Over the weekend bridging March and April, I attended the Toronto Screenwriting Conference. It was a fantastic experience, with talks by figures like Graham Yost (showrunner of Justified), Linwood Boomer (showrunner of Malcolm in the Middle), and Dean DeBlois (co-writer and director of How to Train Your Dragon). I livetweeted the entire weekend, and I was amazed at all the nuggets of gold in there, especially about the culture of working in a staff.

My livetweets from the first session, after the jump…

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SOCIAL MEDIA: What Do I Use, When and Why?

Over the summer, I had a lot of free time. One of my big projects this summer was trying to get into, and find a use for, social media in my day-to-day life. And I think I was largely successful. Following is a breakdown of what social media paltforms I’m using, how often, and why…

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PERSONAL: August Update

Hey, everyone. Here’s the rundown of how things are progressing for me as of the past month or so:

SOCIAL MEDIA OVERLOAD: Or Why I Spend All My Time On Twitter

A few weeks ago I discovered Klout, the social media influence measurement service. Upon seeing my score was below everyone I knew (and most bacteria), I proceeded on a quest to increase my social media capital. After all, though I love blogging, a big part of why I pursue both The Diversionist and The Signal is to build some kind of reputation for quality content with you, the folks on the Internet. Isn’t that journey for nothing if I have no influence?
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PERSONAL: Social Media Flurry

Have recently been working to create a decent social media presence lately. It seems to be a key component in creating an online persona beyond the blog. I’ve been Tweeting both at rjlackie, my personal Twitter account, and signal_tv, the account for The Signal. I’ve also been setting up more social media profiles, like at LinkedIn and Zerply.

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