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LINKS: Interesting Industry & Other Great Reads

A rundown of my favourite links from around the Internet the past few weeks. From essays exploring the direction of the industry to profiles of the intelligent and fascinating, to intriguing thinkpieces. Mostly webseries and TV focus.


TV: Spinoffs, Universe Extensions and a New Approach to TV Scheduling

The recent development of a Once Upon a Time spinoff, Once: Wonderland, has struck a thought for me. Network TV is dealing with a few issues: summer scripted shows struggle with the ‘summer ghetto’ preconception that summer shows are predestined to fail, despite cable seeing success in those months; meanwhile, 22-episode seasons of shows, despite occasionally struggling to be relevant for that entire run, are struggling to retain viewers for the full season thanks to regular hiatuses.

What if there were a smart way to extend good shows, remove in-season hiatuses and strengthen the summer season so that it could potentially become a viable concept?

Now you’re listening.

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