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TV: Ambition as a Character Trait

“Even though success is a reality, its effects are temporary. You get hungry even though you’ve just eaten. […] But what is happiness? It’s the moment before you need more happiness. I won’t settle for 50% of anything. I want 100%.” – Don Draper, Mad Men 5×12, “Commissions and Fees”.

“I want everything too much.” – Rachel Berry, Glee 1×08, “Mash-Up”

There’s something really powerful about looking at a television character and seeing yourself. It’s a powerful feeling, of being recognised and legitimised by something greater than you. It goes right down to basic representation of minorities and women, sure, but it effects every viewer whose life is depicted, represented, on screen. How those traits are expressed are a reflection of societal attitudes of people, and what they mean for those being depicted.

So in the wake of the most recent Mad Men, which had lots to talk about, I’d like to talk about the element that worked like a mirror, showing me a reflection of myself, and how that trait is depicted in television: ambition.

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SOCIAL MEDIA: What Do I Use, When and Why?

Over the summer, I had a lot of free time. One of my big projects this summer was trying to get into, and find a use for, social media in my day-to-day life. And I think I was largely successful. Following is a breakdown of what social media paltforms I’m using, how often, and why…

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Derivative Works IV: Taking Back the Culture

In previous Derivative Works pieces, I’ve written about how the stigmas regarding fanfiction are inaccurate, and how derivative works can use a majority-centric work to create a space for a minority. In that last essay, I wrote about how cover songs can ‘queer’ a mainstream song, giving queer voices a way to access a song friendly to them in a landscape that usually isn’t. I’d like to explore, for a moment, how fanfiction does something similar with other works; in this example, television.

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MEDIA: Sites We Should Have in Canada

Tell me if this is a familiar issue for you: you encounter a website and think, wow, that’s amazing, and decide you’d like to participate – only to discover it doesn’t offer its services in Canada. A lot of really popular websites develop in the U.S. and, sadly, have no Canadian arm or equivalent to serve similar needs in our system. I say someone should change that.

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Paratexts in TV: Glee and The Walking Dead

I’m currently reading Jonathan Grey‘s Show Sold Seperately, a book exploring the effect of paratexts on, particularly, media productions like television shows and movies. Over the course of the introduction, I was reminded deeply of a number of recent situations I’ve encountered that many of you should be familiar with, which took place after the book’s publication. Below, I’m going to explore (in shallow detail) two recent examples of paratexts and how they effect the text: song previews (as well as a handful of other issues) for Glee and the fan-made credits for The Walking Dead created by Daniel M. Kanemoto. All of this after the jump…

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