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WRITING, ETC.: Links Roundup Aug 3-9

I spend a lot of time on Twitter. One of my main functions there is collecting and reposting interesting links. But a tweet, or a retweet, is so ephemeral. It vanishes into the livestream within minutes. So, I thought — I’ve wanted to do more here at The Diversionist and a collection of said links might be a good way to make them a little more permanent.

I figured I’d start with a week’s worth of links – which comes out to the grand number of 64! Here goes…

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MEDIA: Why Crowdsourcing is Awesome

I’m a huge proponent of crowdsourcing funding for creative projects. With Kickstarter getting projects that hit a million dollars, plus others like IndieGoGo growing at a steady pace, crowdsourcing is bigger than ever, and steadily growing. But why is this a good thing?

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