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READING: Reading Update June 2015

June. With four projects in active position, this month has been pretty light on opportunities for reading, and July will be even worse. How did I do…

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READING: Reading Update February 2015

I’m back! So where am I at in the world of reading…?

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READING: Reading Update January 2015

Welcome to my first reading update for 2015! Since doing these monthly for a lot of last year, I found them really meaningful: the regularity of maintaining and posting them, weirdly enough, kept me a little grounded. So they are definitely going to be a mainstay here for 2015, and maybe even after. So where am I at in the world of reading…?

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PERSONAL: Reading Update August 2014

I gave a reading update last month, as usual. Since then, I’ve been pushing myself to read as many books as possible before summer ends and I move back to the city. And it seems to be working!

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WRITING: @YouAreCarrying Literary Improv, Chapter 1

I’m pretty charmed by @YouAreCarrying, a Twitter bot that will give you a text-game style inventory if you tweet the word inventory at it. It’s like an insta-prompt, and it always gets my brain buzzing with creativity.

So, as a creative experiment, I’m going to try and write a story based on what the bot gives me, with each ‘chapter’ using the given inventory. Why not have a little fun? Think of it as literary improv…

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READING: How My Tastes Evolved

When I was a child, I would debate my reading habits with my grandmother with startling regularity.

“You won’t be an interesting writer unless you read nonfiction!” – My Grandmother.

“Nonfiction is boring and I hate it!” – Myself

At the time, I knew she was right, but I resented her for that. Reading was playtime for me, and trying to make it useful or important, all adult things, would get in the way of that. I found nonfiction boring. And I stand by my decision not to read it, because I might have ruined it for myself later.

Because, as they do for most of us, my tastes changed. Below, I explore that in some detail, including as many landmark books as I can remember from over the years…

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