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READING: Best Books of 2014

Best books lists are a deeply flawed concept in a lot of ways. Reading’s not the priciest hobby, but buying a great number of new books, particularly the ones with buzz you inevitably hear about and must consider, takes a good deal of expenditure. Even if you buy tons of books, you need the time to read them — and there are always many you don’t get to. Comparing this book and that book is a fallacy anyway, because every person’s POV is different – and is effected by the person’s age, identity, situation and the circumstances around that particular read. It’s a fool’s game.

However, it’s also – and to me, this is the important bit – fun.

For me, these lists are really a starting place. A chance to open the conversation. And all the above, all the holes in the endeavour, perform a critical function: piercing the seriousness of it. After all, if there are so many things keeping these lists from meaning anything, they can mean whatever you like!

And I like it that way.

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READING: Reading Challenge 2014 Book Ratings

A follow-up to my 2014 reading wrap-up, here’s a best-to-worst list of all 56 books I read last year…

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My Best of 2014

A quick round up of My Best of 2014s to ring in the new year…

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PERSONAL: Reading Update September 2014

I gave a reading update last month, as usual. This round, I polished off a lot of books ahead of my move back to Toronto to prevent having to tae them with me, which resulted in some pretty nice results…

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PERSONAL: Reading Update August 2014

I gave a reading update last month, as usual. Since then, I’ve been pushing myself to read as many books as possible before summer ends and I move back to the city. And it seems to be working!

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