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LINKS: Interesting Industry & Other Great Reads

A rundown of my favourite links from around the Internet the past few weeks. From essays exploring the direction of the industry to profiles of the intelligent and fascinating, to intriguing thinkpieces. Mostly webseries and TV focus.


Derivative Works I: What and Why

One topic I foresee myself writing heavily on is the field of derivative works; that is, works using the creative property of another artist as a foundation of a new creative work. This field includes music like mashups (see the works of Girl Talk, DJ Earworm and some compositions created for Glee) and cover songs, writings such as unofficial sequels and companion novels (like Alice Randall’s The Wind Done Gone or Gregory Maguire‘s Wicked cycle) or fanfiction, and even in visual art (such as Marcel Duchamp’s L.H.O.O.Q.). Even ‘legitimate’ works such as movies/TV based on books (like Fight Club or Dexter) fall under this umbrella.

So why is it so interesting?

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