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WRITING: Looking Back on 2011

I’m a regular reader of Scott Meyers Go Into the Story screenwriting blog. I think it’s a fantastic resource for writers. And two things I really believe are important are taking stock of where you’ve been, and keeping an eye on where you’re going. So when he recently suggested writers write down what they’ve accomplished in 2011, with an eye on making goals for 2012, I thought that was a brilliant idea. So… What did I get done this year?

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PERSONAL: Projects, Purpose, and Online Identity

In the midst of an all-nighter with fellow Signalite Stéphane Lachance, a conversation kicked up about our oncoming future, and the strengths and weaknesses of our various outlets: The Signal, The Writers Bloc, social media accounts, etc. It got me thinking about the future of my many net-based projects and outlets.

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SOCIAL MEDIA: What Do I Use, When and Why?

Over the summer, I had a lot of free time. One of my big projects this summer was trying to get into, and find a use for, social media in my day-to-day life. And I think I was largely successful. Following is a breakdown of what social media paltforms I’m using, how often, and why…

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READING: Everything is Relevant

I read a lot of nonfiction, from relatively disparate sources. Books and blogs. I read about Hollywood news, of course. But I also regularly read about intersectional feminism, tech startups, venture capitalism, healthcare, probability and consumers’ rights, among other topics. I try to read a bit of everything. Why? To a writer, and to a person who wants to know the world, everything is relevant.

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PERSONAL: August Update

Hey, everyone. Here’s the rundown of how things are progressing for me as of the past month or so:

SOCIAL MEDIA OVERLOAD: Or Why I Spend All My Time On Twitter

A few weeks ago I discovered Klout, the social media influence measurement service. Upon seeing my score was below everyone I knew (and most bacteria), I proceeded on a quest to increase my social media capital. After all, though I love blogging, a big part of why I pursue both The Diversionist and The Signal is to build some kind of reputation for quality content with you, the folks on the Internet. Isn’t that journey for nothing if I have no influence?
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READING: Learning Something New Every Day

I spend a lot of my time on my Google Reader. At first, it was to keep an eye on news in my industry – television – but as time goes on, it’s more and more about learning things I never knew about.

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PERSONAL: On Insomnia, Gaga, and My Bubble

It hasn’t been a particularly eventful week, but I’ve had plenty to think over while stressing over things I really shouldn’t be stressing about. After the jump, a look at my nagging (though mild) insomnia, the sudden resurgence of certain songs in my iPod, and a pondering of a life somewhat unlived…

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