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WRITING: My Writing Tools – Screenplay (iOS App)

Writers can be very picky with their software. Long gone are the days of typewriters; now, we can carry screenwriting software in our pockets. We can type out screenplays sitting on the bus, walking down the street, anywhere. Even the fumbling required for pen-and-pencil drafting is gone. For a while, though, I didn’t take advantage of this because I’d yet to settle into the screenwriting app I had access to: Screenplay.

Now that I’ve started using it more frequently, I find I’m writing at a speed possibly comparable to that with a laptop, and enjoying it very much. Details after the jump:

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The Pursuit of Appiness

I’ve been continuing my explorations into iOS (Apple’s mobile/iPod OS) apps again. Here’s what I’ve been experimenting with recently, in the app and social media place…

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WRITING: Games and Apps

One of my secret ambitions has always been to someday write a video game. I love the concept-building and story elements of games, after all, even as I’m not the most avid player of them. One of the earliest creative projects I can remember is, after falling in love with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as a kid, spending weeks filling tiny notebooks with plans for a Zelda game. Items, levels, characters – I was planning it all.

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