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2013 Oncoming

Last year, I went public with my goals for 2012. Now is the time to reflect on those goals, and make some new ones…

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WRITING: Creative Rejuvenation vs. Writers Block

I’ve been flirting pretty seriously with writer’s block lately. I’ve realised that despite reports to the contrary, writer’s block does exist. You know how I know? I’ve written 10-15 pages of a script in the past couple days and, despite being happy to have written it, it’s all terrible. I couldn’t get into the rhythms of the characters’ voices whatsoever, and the description is flat and lifeless instead of sharp and precise. I wrote through the block, but that didn’t cure it; it sat atop my laptop like a fat little devil, laughing at me struggling through the sticky mud of my lack of creative drive.

My main strategy for curing it? Starting a new project.

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MY WRITING: My Dramatic Webisode Pilots

I’ve written a few articles on dramatic webisodes: on outlining them, and my own experiences one and two. It only makes sense that I share some of my work with y’all so I can discuss what I did and why…

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PROJECTS: Two Completed

You guys might be pleased to note that I’ve completed two projects, and thus will be removing them from my Projects page:

  • The Inhuman Condition
    Dramatic Webseries (Season One: 16 Webisodes)  // Third Draft
    Fourth Year Practicum Project, Ryerson University
  • Untitled Commercial Project #1
    Commercials (Four) // Second Draft
    Commissioned by a client.

WRITING: Looking Back on 2011

I’m a regular reader of Scott Meyers Go Into the Story screenwriting blog. I think it’s a fantastic resource for writers. And two things I really believe are important are taking stock of where you’ve been, and keeping an eye on where you’re going. So when he recently suggested writers write down what they’ve accomplished in 2011, with an eye on making goals for 2012, I thought that was a brilliant idea. So… What did I get done this year?

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WRITING: A Burst of Energy

My winter doldrums, writing-wise, have done their best to slow me down. And for the first week of my holidays, they did a very good job. But I’ve started digging into a script, and I’m making some great progress.

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PERSONAL: On Holiday (Writing Holiday!)

I think I may have some kind of personality disorder. After spending a month and a half pumping out a 120-page webseries script for school, upon reaching my vacation time… all I can do is think about the scripts I now have time to write. Erm. So, after the jump, some of the things I’m going to be working on amidst sugar cookies and Christmas spirit…

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WRITING: My Pilots and Their History II: Learning to Crawl

In the first part of this series, I recounted the stories of my first attempts at pilot writing, and the general level of fail within them. This second part picks up a good three years later, once I’d finally gotten over my fear of pilots, to write Darken House and Lifeblood

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PERSONAL: Projects, Purpose, and Online Identity

In the midst of an all-nighter with fellow Signalite Stéphane Lachance, a conversation kicked up about our oncoming future, and the strengths and weaknesses of our various outlets: The Signal, The Writers Bloc, social media accounts, etc. It got me thinking about the future of my many net-based projects and outlets.

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WRITING: Dramatic Webisode Experiments II

In June, I offered a taste of my experiences in writing dramatic webseries exploring the process of writing Darken House. Well, since the summer’s begun, I’ve played around with a few dramatic webisode series and, while Darken House has been a success, I’ve also had a chance to fumble. Here are some caveats to that previous, optimistic article…

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