READING: Reading Update June 2015

June. With four projects in active position, this month has been pretty light on opportunities for reading, and July will be even worse. How did I do…

Books I’ve Finished: In June, I finished 3 books: D.W. Wilson‘s BallisticsDaryl Gregory‘s Afterparty and Laura McHugh‘s The Weight of Blood.

Reading Challenge: I’m now at 30/55 books for the year! According to GoodReads, that’s books ahead of schedule.

Thoughts: I picked up The Weight of Blood as a zippy quick read during my week ‘off’ at my parents’, and read it over a couple of nights. It was enjoyable, not too heavy, with decent characters and an interesting world. I can’t say that the primary first-person-narrators had terribly distinct voices, which was a shame, but it still did a decent job exploring the themes it tackled without getting in over its head.

I really liked Afterparty; it had a great world, fun characters and a good pace. Ballistics was beautifully written but a bit of a slog, ultimately; it may have been a prime contender for a really great novella, or even a shorter novel. As it was, it got repetitive and the twists (except for the big one) were pretty predictable. That said, I still love Wilson’s style and am savouring his fantastic short story collection Once You Break a Knuckle.

What are you reading?


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