READING: Reading Update February 2015

I’m back! So where am I at in the world of reading…?

Books I’ve Finished: In February, I finished 4 books: James Smythe‘s The MachineM.D. Waters‘ PrototypeHolly Black‘s The Darkest Part of the Forest and George Pelecanos‘ A Firing Offense.

Reading Challenge: I’m now at 13/55 books for the year!

Thoughts: Prototype was a challenge to finish; what a disappointing sequel. The Machine was strong: moody and textured with an interesting concept. Darkest was really good, really vivid. A Firing Offense wasn’t bad, and tied up really well.

Next Up: I’m back from up north, so I can finish off various books I was in the middle of when I left – including Jordan Castillo Price‘s Meatworks and Ginn Hale‘s 2nd book of The Rifter.

New Books: Recent additions include Josh Weil‘s The Great Glass SeaCorinne Duyvis‘ OtherboundPamela Douglas‘ The Future of TelevisionRachel Cusk‘s Outline, and Jesse Hajicek‘s The God Eaters.

Currently Reading

This month I decided to start only including books I’ve touched in said month. Keeps the list more honest.

My list of in-progress books:

  • 49% of the way through Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie.
  • 39% of the way through Defenders by Will McIntosh.
  • 18% of the way through The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley.
  • 7% of the way through The Great Glass Sea by Josh Weil.

What are you reading?

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