Farewell, 2013

It’s been an amazing year, truly unbelievable, turning me from just another wannabe to a legitimate working screenwriter. A look back at the year that’s passed under the cut, with a ‘2014 Incoming’ post due early on in January. Are you ready for the new year?

Some 2013 Thoughts

As I put it last year, 2011 was where I found my voice. 2012 was where I found my confidence.  As it turns out, 2013 was the year where I became a working screenwriter.

I got my first paid screenwriting gig in 2012, writing a handful of PSAs for a budding startup, but it was in 2013 where I started to blossom. This year, my life started to look like a professional screenwriter’s, balancing assignments from a legit production company, shopping a feature script that I’m hoping to make in 2013 (After the Fight), going to a big professional networking conference in Banff. I started my MFA at York University, which has been instrumental in figuring out feature screenplay structure, a skill set I’m proud to start developing.

IHC Poster @ MIPCom

But the biggest of all of these: Smokebomb Entertainment shot a pilot for my webseries project The Inhuman Condition this year, which was amazing. Working with my wonderful, ruthless story editor Michelle Ricci to prepare the script for shooting, then with an astonishingly talented and writer-friendly director (whom I’m not yet sure I’m allowed to name, but if he reads this, he knows I adore him and his work) who kept me involved and made me feel respected at every stage of the process. The resulting pilot was gorgeous – and remains under lock and key, with great hopes a partner will step in to help us complete the dance.

Seeing my work on screen, with the production values I’ve only seen in movies and film… It kinda changed my life. I’ve had opportunities before, I’ve done some really great things since, but that pilot changed how I see myself. It was at that point that I realised that, whatever the coming years bring, I am a screenwriter, and I’m never gonna stop.

Come on, 2014. I’m ready for you. Let’s do this.


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