PERSONAL: Summer Blitz

I have neglected The Diversionist. As happens to many blogs, life has carried me away. That, and a general unease with acting like I know what I’m talking about since really entering the industry and realising exactly how little I know… I’ve had very little impetus to blog.

That, and a thousand projects capturing my attentions, making me feel guilty for even my occasional sidelong glances at my blog. As the wise ones say, you should be writing. So, I have indeed been writing.

In the past couple months, I’ve written a feature and rewritten two pilots, plus writing a handful of webisodes. At the same time, I’ve crammed in a week at the Banff World Media Festival and three weeks up north at home. So its not like it’s been uneventful. Despite my attempts, my reading has slowed to a crawl in the crush of deadlines and family time, so I’ve only made superficial progress on my current book. Though I’m enjoying it heartily, as I have a love of history and not as much knowledge of it as I’d like.

In the next month, I have to do the last-ditch polishes on said pilots and send them to my contacts, while plowing through the next draft of the feature. I also have to get ready to go back to school in September for my MFA (Screenwriting, at York University). Plus be ready for the launch of a website I’m 1/3 in charge of, The Compass Network, on August 10. And, if I have time, write my first dramatic spec, a The Good Wife script. So it’s not like I have a break ahead of me either.

This isn’t to say the above is a burden. It’s actually invigorating. The more things I’m excited to work on, the more energy I have to take on new projects, and let’s say I’ve been taking on plenty lately.

I’ll try to pop in with more, shorter, posts so that the blog isn’t dead for weeks at a time. I’ve got one mostly written about networking at Banff that I need to transcribe, for one, and I think I’ve got some cogent and write-worthy thoughts on social media and Twitter, if the world even has an appetite for more discussion on those topics. Nothing new, but hopefully something that contains a nugget of original thought.

Until then, the writing continues.

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