READING: Summer Reading Check-Ins

In the past few years, I haven’t done nearly as much reading as I’d like. Though I pick up new books pretty regularly, I’ve finished few in the past year. Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi and Heidegger Stairwell by Kayt Burgess being the rare exceptions to the rule. As my life cedes more and more control of my time back to me, as of late, I’d like to dig back into reading regularly again.

And I’m thinking this blog will be helpful in that regard.

I’ve always been better at keeping up with something if I have a checklist, or if it’s measurably ‘useful’ to my life. While doing things purely for pleasure is great, I rarely am able to use that to motivate me to read, even if I enjoy it. Thus, I think this summer, I’ll try to use my long book list as a way of keeping this blog running. I’ve found myself posting less and less here, and I think I’d like to take the opportunity to occasionally react to what I’m reading on here. And, by posting reactions periodically, it will make reading feel less like wasting time.

Plus, taking notes on what one has read often helps with understanding and synthesising the information or content of the work in question, which is particularly important for me considering how much nonfiction I like to read.

So, keep an eye out for posts from me about what I’m reading this summer! I’d love to hear your responses to my thoughts and spur a conversation or two, if you’re up for it!


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