PERSONAL: The Diversionist Diverted

It has been a month and a half since I’ve posted something to The Diversionist.

Not through lack of trying! I have a handful of drafts sitting in my dashboard, half-composed and abandoned. I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog, and about how I miss writing regularly here. So this is me dropping in to say: I’m not dead. This blog is definitely not dead. There have been some distractions, some of which I can talk about, most of which I can’t. Legally. Which, by the way, is a good sign for my career.

  • The big one: I can now publicly acknowledge that I have a show, The Inhuman Condition, in development with Smokebomb Entertainment! It’s on their website and everything! Thanks to confidentiality, I’m not able to give any further details, but just know that I’m very happy with whatever’s happening behind the scenes so far.
  • I also have two other projects I’m currently working on that are protected by confidentiality, both of which I’m very excited about.
  • In less-exciting news, my day job has doubled my hours from ‘almost nothing’ to ‘practically respectable’, which has dented my leisure time in the name of ensuring my rent gets paid.

Also an obstacle is many of the things I’m most excited to talk about, I can’t. Not yet, anyhow. Since most of my creative energy is bundled into such projects, and they’re giving me most of my exciting new experiences, I don’t have much to write about these days. But I will try! Because I miss this blog and I don’t want it to die quietly while I’m off running around having adventures.


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