It’s been almost a month since I posted here (though, as usual, my Twitter‘s been going strong). Suffice to say, I didn’t even have time this month to finish NaNoWriMo, so I’ve neglected the blog for good reasons.

What am I up to?

  • Watching TV. I’m basically watching a consistent schedule of Nashville, Arrow, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Hart of Dixie, Elementary, Revenge, The Good Wife, Homeland, Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23, Glee, and Suburgatory, Lots of other greats (Parks and Recreation to name a big one) that I’ve just fallen behind on and will be marathonning over the holidays when TV goes on break.
  • I’ve been helping my good friends and new group heads Lucy Martin and Alix Markman set up this year’s Ryerson Screenwriting Haven at my alma mater. Today is their first meeting of the year! And I’m about to head out to it.
  • Preparing a bunch of new projects I want to properly dig into in the Spring, including a new horror webseries I’ve been thinking about off and on since September. In the wider scope: I’ve now got 23 projects organised and tiered by when I’m hoping to get to them, between now at the end of 2013. And that’s not including any new ideas I come up with between now and then!
  • Figuring out my next moves professionally. Which involves a lot of networking, which I find is a lot of fun. Seriously considering getting my MFA in Screenwriting; prepping an application for it now, just in case, as they’re due in January.
  • Desperately trying to find the time to dig back into work on The Writersroom while the freelancers get to work.
  • Twitter. I basically live on Twitter, now. It’s where I get my news, fandom info, TV news, and even do a little bit of networking. I might be addicted.

So! What have you been up to this past month?

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