MUSIC: P!nk “The Truth About Love: Addendum

Last week I gave some initial thoughts on P!nk‘s new album. Below the cut, an addendum.

Thanks to a challenge by a friend of mine to give some tracks a second listen, I’ve pondered and made some second thoughts:

  • I still don’t like “Are We All We Are”. It’s messy and I can’t find any moment to emotionally hook into the song. It’s a shrug.
  • That said, I’ve given “Walk of Shame” another chance and I really, really love it. It’s very much of a tone with “Slut Like You”: very fun, openly sexual and joyous, even when purportedly about ‘shame’.
  • “The King is Dead But the Queen is Alive” is an odd case. P!nk does a great job on her performance, giving it lots of ‘unchained and free’ energy, but the lyrics are a bit awkward. Sometimes she fuses the metaphor narrative (queen and king) with the real-life story (dumping an asshole) pretty well, but as tends to happen with P!nk, occasionally it gets juvenile. Like this gem:

You were just blah blah blah,
I was oh my god,
And unlike your anatomy,
I’m glad I had it in me.

So, I’d say its a fun listen, but I wish it really met its potential to be a cool, consistent song without all the kindergarten antics.

Otherwise, my first thoughts were pretty accurate with how I still feel.


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