WRITING: Writers Block Habits

Everyone approaches defeating writer’s block a different way, maybe even a different way every time they encounter it. There are good habits, that is, the ones that help you break through and write, and bad habits, the ones where you circle the problem for hours and then go to bed, exhausted with no progress.

My good habit is usually promoting inspiration. I do my best work when inspired, so I do the best I can to get my engine revved up: warm showers, walks around the neighbourhood, good food. Looking over my notes, trying to catch the magic moment that will get me excited again.

My bad habit is usually hopeless comfort-seeking. I get afraid of that feeling of listless lack of inspiration, so I get worried and fuel myself instead on lazy comforts like candy and good TV, and on easy distractions like blogging and social media.

How about you? What are your good and bad habits? Are you able to catch yourself in the act? If so, how do you re-orient yourself? If not, is there something you could do to force yourself to notice your behaviour?

2 responses to “WRITING: Writers Block Habits

  1. mypenandme October 8, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    When I have writer’s block, I pick up the nearest object in the room and start describing it in writing. Usually that does the trick. If you’re writing, you can’t have writer’s block. That’s what I tell myself, anyway…

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