WRITING: Talk to Other Writers

There is nothing I love more, except possibly writing itself, than talking to writers I respect. It’s not just talking craft; in fact, that may be the last thing we discuss. It’s talking about being a writer. It’s how you know you’re not alone in the world. It’s how you strategise new battle plans against the dreaded writer’s block. It’s how you commiserate about the parts of being a writer that suck. Such as, almost all of it aside from writing itself.

Talk to other writers. Don’t be prejudiced because of medium or style. Every time I speak with my novelist cousin Kayt Burgess, I come away feeling both excited and peaceful, wanting to start a thousand projects and yet committed back to focusing on what I need to do next. We talk about self-promotion and networking, about what we’re working on and whether or not our blood’s on fire with inspiration or burnt out. It really is therapy.

Make sure you have other writers to talk to. Join a writers group, find friends who write. You don’t want to be alone out there.


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