WRITING: Positive Perspective

It’s a common thought that a writer will adore their first draft, and will only be able to really see the flaws once they’ve stepped back and taken time away from it. Upon rereading it, the writer will be able to see the flaws clearly, and work to fix them.

Recently I’ve realised that this rule about perspective can work in the opposite direction too: when the writing process of a script is harried and the writer is ultimately disappointed in the draft, what can happen after some time away is the ability to divide the travails of the writing process from the writing itself. When revisiting a script I wrote earlier this year, which I dreaded opening because of its rushed nature, I was surprised to find how much I liked it. It wasn’t to the degree that I was happy with the draft and wouldn’t consider a page one rewrite of the script, but I was shocked to find I had brought the characters and world to life largely as I’d originally hoped.

Take a look at a script you wrote months, maybe even years ago. You might find it’s better than you originally thought.

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