WRITING: Writing Journal II

I got a Moleskine notebook for Christmas, and in January I wrote about using it as a writing journal. Just a little update on how that’s going…

I kept the writing journal up semi-regularly until April, then took an unintended three-month break before returning to it about a week ago. I tend to use it in bursts, writing four or five entries in a week before going two weeks without. It’s a great way to centre myself and get down issues that keep bouncing around in my head, allowing me just enough closure to put them out of mind.

I only use it for jot notes during meetings with others, particularly producers or clients. Typically, it’s more journal entries – what I’m thinking about that day, the scripts that are haunting me, the dreams for the future that I can’t stop thinking about. Recently, it’s been great for getting a handle on my writing- and career-related stress during a very busy time for me. There’s something very cathartic about writing down my worries.

Plus, there’s something really interesting about the feeling of reading over entries months later. I’m reminded of projects that fell by the wayside, or can feel relief that a project I’d been stressing about had worked out. It’s pretty handy so far, and I’m definitely intending to keep going with it.


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