WRITING: Receiving Notes

“I love using your brain to make my script better.”

The other day I’d just finished receiving notes on a script, and I uttered the above words. When the person giving you notes is on the money, that’s exactly what’s happening: you’re using their brain to improve your script in ways your brain wouldn’t, couldn’t, or just plain didn’t think about.

Taking notes can be awful, sure. I’ve had projects where I didn’t know what the project was supposed to be and where the notes baffled me even further. I’ve had notes sessions where I got the sense the other party either didn’t read, or didn’t follow, the script at all. And I’m sure if I get to that lofty place where I have to suffer through ten sets of notes from people who don’t really give a damn, yeah, I’ll hate it.

But good notes? Nothing better.


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