PERSONAL: Not Dead, Thanks

So! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted, and really, posting’s been light all month. Why is that? To be honest, this summer I’ve been fairly slammed, either with projects I’m not ready to discuss publicly (the feature I’m writing, Knockout) or projects I’m focusing on elsewhere (The Writersroom). In fact, I’ve been devoting my writing time to these two projects pretty much exclusively.

Well. Not exclusively.

In lieu of any professional topics I’d like to discuss, a personal update instead…

So, what have I been up to?

  • I started a Tumblr. (WARNING! TV spoilers. Particularly for Teen Wolf, my current obsession.)
  • On the Projects front, as I mentioned above, my time’s been pretty evenly split between Knockout, The Writersroom, and my projects at TEN – as well as a new project I spent the last week or so putting together, a short film called Winter Always Comes I drafted for a friend hopefully applying to BravoFact. Knockout is en route to a completed first draft, hopefully to be handed in by the end of the week. The Writersroom is out of the outline stage (mostly) and onto pages, and I’ll be seeing the first batch of those this weekend. I wrote a webisode miniseries based on Emma Frost in TEN’s Marvel continuity at TEN, and the scripts of that will start going up under my pseudonym here on July 30. I’m also making steady progress on Dead City Blues, also at TEN, with my staff. We’re approaching half the season written, with two months until the show premieres (in script form, of course) on October 2, 2012! I’m really proud of the work we’ve been doing on it.
  • Development, which is my absolute favourite activity in the world. Much of it has been for the TEN Marvelverse, as we’ve got that one planned out for a good three years at least. Assuming I’m around and able to keep writing for them, this is looking like some of my favourite work I’ve ever done coming up. I also sketched out ideas for a third season of The Inhuman Condition and came up with a potential graphic novel compilation idea.
  • Career Prep. I’m looking to graduate in October, and once that happens, it’ll be my responsibility to start getting ready to take the screenwriting world by storm. The past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and that’s manifested as many long-term to-do lists (think month-by-month between now and sometime next year), a list of shows I’m thinking of tackling specs for (and which original pilots I’d pair them best with), and an ideal portfolio I’d like to have ready for next March, to be prepared for the slew of contest and writer development programs over the summer and fall.
  • I’m preparing for my trip to Los Angeles (!!) in the last two weeks of August and graduation in October.

So. I’ve been a bit busy, but it’s all worth it! Here’s hoping I find inspiration for more posts, and the time to pen them, sometime soon…


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