MUSIC: A Sunday Wake Up and Kick the Morning’s Ass Mix

I am not just a dour writing-all-the-time writer person. I, like many of my generation, am prone to impromptu solo dance parties. If you want to join me, check out the songs I’ve been enjoying this fine morning below…

I cannot not dance to this song. In fact, I’m pretty sure one evening I drank an energy drink, danced to this song about twenty times in a row, then wrote 20 pages.

This song also demands a dance in tribute to the sheer energy of the song. This song just makes me happy, as does most of Mother Mother’s output.

Probably the darkest track so far is also the one showing up on all the musical series (Smash, Glee) and, I assume, the radio, thanks to Florence + the Machine‘s fame. But it also has an unstoppable energy and release to it.

A great ‘take a moment to breathe’ song. Collect your thoughts while Thom Yorke relaxes and disturbs you.

The utter swagger of this song’s beat, the intense lyrics and the ghostly quality of the lead singer’s vocals made this track the most fun of my entire morning. Yet another joy from The Vampire Diaries OST, the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s nice to take a break from my more low-energy tracks to wear out my body a bit. Maybe, if I’ve get enough music and energy, we’ll do it again next Sunday too…


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