TV: Summer TV Catch Up 2012

Who else waits for the summer season to catch up on the great, or merely good, shows they didn’t have time for in-season? Summer is the time for shows that didn’t merit a weekly slot in the fall, shows you watched every week but fell behind on and never caught up, classic shows you’ve never had the chance to see, one season wonders… Lots to see for Summer Catch Up 2012!

What will I be trying to catch up on?

Recently, a friend and I made a deal: He’d watch a show this summer that I recommended (the sublime The Good Wife), while I’d do the same for his pick: Southland. Having caught the odd episode, I’m looking forward to digging in: I like a handful of the cast and have heard enough praise to intrigue me. Plus, the show’s unique status as a one-season-wonder on NBC that successfully transferred over to TNT for 4+ more seasons.

I fell behind on a few shows this season. Justified, I dug into after burning through the first two seasons in a couple months, so by midway through season three, I needed a break. I’m just about ready to get back to Harlan. I also have to watch the final season of Chuck, a show I’ve loved for years. The final season finished up late last year, but I haven’t had the time to give the show the attention it deserved until now. The ‘back-22’ for the neverending first season of sweet and well-written ABC Family show Switched at Birth. And there’s new one season wonder classic Awake, which I lost track of around midseason. I may also dig back into Girls, which I didn’t go back to after episode two; I got the appeal, but also the sense that I wasn’t its intended audience, and am not sure if its the show for me.

There’s shows I lost track of before this season, like the final run of HBO’s fantastic In Treatment, the second and final series of Damian Lewis-starring cop drama Life, magnificent serialised one season wonder Day Break, the second season of The Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay Comedy Hour White Collar, second season of comedy hit Modern Family, the third season of feel-good comedy Drop Dead Diva, the third season of Damages, and the first season of Boardwalk Empire. And of course, the first season of Louie.

There’s current-running shows that, after a long period of critical love and/or personal recommendations, I realise I finally have to dig into. These include:

  • Downton Abbey
  • Misfits
  • One season wonder Kings
  • The X-Files
  • Wallander
  • Terriers
  • Canadian one season wonder classic Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays, effusively praised by everyone who actually watched it.
  • Sons of Anarchy, which I’ve long intended to watch based on my regard for Katey Segal.
  • Nikita, where I was originally turned off by a poor pilot, only to hear great things later.
  • Parenthood, consistently praised as a quiet, undervalued family show with a great cast.
  • The Vampire Diaries, which is currently something of a supernatural powerhouse.
  • Person of Interest, which became something worth watching once I’d stopped.
  • Magic City, which seemed to be more style than substance until the reviews came in for the back half of season one.
  • Canadian supernatural show Lost Girl, which has garnered US fandom after I dropped it after episode two.

Though this is first-run rather than catch-up, I’ll definitely be watching and/or finishing the new seasons of Breaking Bad, Teen Wolf, Eureka, Continuum, The Legend of Korra, Awkward., and… The Glee Project. Yes, I finally watch a reality show on a regular basis. Hordes of the Internet, you may gather and judge me now. If I can find a way to watch the heavily-praised Push Girls, I’ll also be tracking it down.

Also, anyone out there recommending Longmire, The Client List, Fairly Legal, Common Law, The Glades, Rizzoli & Isles or Rookie Blue? I’ve checked out Rizzoli, Legal and Blue before for 1-2 episodes at the beginning of their opening seasons and wasn’t drawn in; have they improved significantly? (And I have absolutely no interest in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars, or Necessary Roughness. Not gonna happen.)

And yes, the moral of this story is that I watch too much TV.


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