ABOUT THE BLOG: The Big Bad Thousand

It’s official: May 2012 was The Diversionist‘s best month ever, delivering over 1,000 hits!

That’s small fry compared to most established players, but it’s a result of steady, strong growth the blog’s shown all year. In all of 2011, the blog garnered under 1,000 hits. This month is 200 hits above our next-highest hit count. It’s also, notably, a month that ended with a day where the blog saw its highest number of followers join in one day.

Which means I hope this wasn’t an anomaly. On one hand, most of said hits came from one post that exploded: The Darkest of Evils: My Revenge Theory, which laid out the information we knew and didn’t know about the show’s backstory, and laid out what I think is an intriguing roadmap for the show’s future based on what we know. The post has picked up 368 views since it was posted last Thursday – just over a week ago. Part of that was accidental SEO optimization, as the post slipped into the second spot whenever you googled ‘Americon Initiative’, a major mythology element in the show. Another part of it was the post being linked to on the Television Without Pity board for the show. So, you could argue that this month was a brief bump, and we’ll be back to smaller numbers next month.

Except, perhaps not. For one: that same Revenge post was linked to by fans on two different fan boards (the other, a German site, sent negligible numbers), a sign that the post was good enough to merit sharing. In addition, some other posts that didn’t have either a buzzy finale or shared lined to boost their numbers, posts about the TV season and international fandom of Canadian series, saw strong numbers. Not Revenge strong, but certainly more than the average post from the past few months. That, and the healthy number of new blog followers (hi guys!) gives me hope that this is a step on the blog’s journey upwards.

Anyhow, enough about me and the blog. It’s an exciting milestone, but it’s also a reminder that I’m doing something worthwhile, so I’ll rededicate myself to posting as frequently, with as high quality, as possible.

Thanks, guys. Here’s hoping for a great summer!

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