WRITING: The TARA Award, “Best Upper Year Script”

A bit of personal writing news this time around.

Every year, my program has an awards show to recognise the best work of the year: the TARA Awards. The winners are selected by industry professionals in the Canadian media field, and it’s considered a huge honour to win one. In the category of “Best Upper Year Script”, up against entries from years two through four of the program, my dramatic webseries script The Inhuman Condition won the category on Thursday night.

I’m surprised and pleased at the win. This emboldens my intention to see if I can get the project made here in Toronto sometime in the next year. I’m very proud of the script, as it is, so this was a fantastic validation for a script I’ve been developing and writing for a year now, all told.

I share this with you partly because, well, we all know writers love praise. We know not to depend on it to survive, but it’s a fantastic high when we do get it, and we want to stretch out that feeling for as long as possible. It’s also partly as a way of demonstrating that, despite my amateur status, I am definitely coming at this topic with a high level of respect and dedication.  Yes, I’m not a produced writer (beyond that one short), and I’m not a name, but you can bet that whatever I write on here is based on a foundation of hard work and passion for writing.

Of course, like any writer worth their salt, I’m not resting on my laurels. Moving forward, I’m working on my internship script, my preparatory Two Roads pre-pilot test script, my very first feature screenplay, a supernatural action webseries for a script-only entertainment site, and developing a pilot for the Writersroom. Additionally, I’m giving notes on three scripts while revising The Inhuman Condition further. And there’s a handful of other things at very early stages. No rest for the wicked.


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