WRITING: Looking Forward to 2012

The end of the year is for resolutions, and that’s no different for writers. Inspired by Scott Meyers’ Go Into the Story post about year-end goal planning and going public, here’s my goals for 2012…


The Diversionist: I want to keep this blog going. Ideally I’d make a pledge to really up my game here, but the next year is looking more than a little hectic. We have to make sacrifices somewhere. That said, I want to release at least 2 posts a week here; that’s a good 8 posts a month or 96 posts a year, a healthy improvement over 2011’s 62.

The Signal: My work for The Signal has been spotty at best, with shows dropping in and out of regular coverage without a moment’s notice. It’s unprofessional and frustrating. We’re also looking at a reorienting of The Signal‘s focus in the new year, so I pledge to fully cover two Canadian scripted seasons and complete ten One Season Wonders series.


Break the 800 Page Mark: This year, I hit 600 pages. If I can keep improving my speed and my dedication, I think I can increase my output by a solid 200 pages, or roughly three hour-long scripts. It will be easy to do if I complete all of my planned projects…

Complete my Internship and University Scripts: My internship will be composed of planning, outlining, writing and rewriting a spec script. I plan to not only complete it, but make it fantastic. Meanwhile, I also have two scripts to finish for school: my mammoth Practicum script The Inhuman Condition, which will likely need another 80 pages added to the second draft; and a pilot I’ll be writing for a Special Project: Writing course. I aim to write my Two Roads pilot for this purpose.

Complete my In-Progress Scripts: I have a handful of scripts trapped in the middle of either their first draft, or a rewrite. Next year, I plan to complete my Black Dog pilot, my revisions to the second script of Characters, my draft of Virtual Mutant mini-feature The Choice, and complete unfinished sequences of webisode series Darken House and Dead City Blues.

Write My First Screenplay: Despite my six years’ experience in scriptwriting, I’ve never attempted to write a feature script. The length, and the pressure of concluding a strong story inside of one script, is intimidating. That said, with three potential screenplay ideas in development (Forever, Tomorrow and Leticia of the Attic), hopefully I can nail down one, at least to first draft.

Write My First Dramatic Spec: I’ve written spec scripts for two comedies (Community and Archer), but never a drama, despite my interest in that field. I need to have one of these in my portfolio, so now would be a good time to write a great one.

Graduate: I’m one English credit, a completed Practicum, and a 240-hour internship away from getting my university degree. It’s time to make those four years count.


Get Representation: This year, I’ll have been screenwriting for six years. I hear that’s a pretty long length of time to go before even seeking an agent. In the next twelve months, I will get myself representation in either Toronto or Los Angeles.

What do you think? Is this a good start?


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