The Pursuit of Appiness

I’ve been continuing my explorations into iOS (Apple’s mobile/iPod OS) apps again. Here’s what I’ve been experimenting with recently, in the app and social media place…

FeedlerRSS: My preferred RSS feed reader on iOS is MobileRSS, but after a glitch made using it on my iPhone really frustrating, I’ve latched onto a second-choice while I figure out how to deal with the issue, and the best I’ve stumbled onto is Feedler, which seems to be a leader in the field. I like it well enough, but there’s a major inconvenience compared to Mobile. When I read my feed, I like to send interesting articles out to my Twitter feed, as a way of curating content folks who follow me might like. It allows me to share my blog reading list without the effort of a blog post, and is pretty effortless. On MobileRSS it’s a short couple of clicks to send it out to Twitter, while Feedler seems to have no shortcut for sending links to Twitter. For some, that might be a nonissue, but for me it means I’ll tend to read my feed on my iPod where MobileRSS still works, unless I’m on the road for a long stretch and need the data connection to use it.

iScrob: I’ve been using iScrob for months, so why does it merit notice now? Because that was on the iPod, and now that I’m using it on an iPhone, I’m seeing some really stark differences. On the iPod (or perhaps in iOS 4; my iPod hasn’t been updated for long story reasons), the app works completely independent of the normal music-listening function. On my iPhone (updated to iOS5), they work in tandem, which is much preferable as it now both scrobbles and effects play counts.

Dolphin: I’m not someone who considers themselves an early adopter. And yet, the first time I really felt like one was when I decided to ditch the default browser on my iPhone for a test run with a browser I downloaded from the App Store. I’m twelve hours into Dolphin‘s trial run as my default browser on my iPhone, and so far I’m pretty happy with it. It’s got a couple of cool features that aren’t really significant (the ability to draw a symbol to go to a bookmark, the fact it’s the only app I’ve found that will orient upside down if you want), but pull Dolphin over the top when I consider I haven’t found any basic area where Dolphin is inferior to the basic Safari.

Quora: After a bunch of chatter about this question-asking social media site on Google+, I figured I’d check it out. Just as I was warned, it’s addictive, with a system that encourages use and baits your natural curiosity and a user base with heaps of knowledge to share. There’s a great ego boost, too, when a question comes up and you have the answer. It’s also a neater way of building a public personality than Twitter; Twitter’s great for interaction, but people can get a sense of you from your Quora answers, if you’re doing it right. The app works well, providing a clean interface for receiving notifications and browsing questions.

Going to try out Flipboard, StumbleUpon and Opera at some point as well. Any other recommendations?


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