PERSONAL: On Holiday (Writing Holiday!)

I think I may have some kind of personality disorder. After spending a month and a half pumping out a 120-page webseries script for school, upon reaching my vacation time… all I can do is think about the scripts I now have time to write. Erm. So, after the jump, some of the things I’m going to be working on amidst sugar cookies and Christmas spirit…

  • Pilots: One thing I had to put on hold this semester, due to time constraints, was the development and writing of new pilots.. And yet, the only thing I’ve been able to think about, when not focused on school or work, is all of these pilot ideas that won’t leave me alone. So. The plan is, I’m going to progress as far as I can on the following pilots this break: Black Dog draft #2 (outlined, 50% drafted); Two Roads (creative bible written; next is 2-hour pilot outline); Wreckage (pilot outlined,  10% written); Trickster (creative bible written; next is pilot outline).
  • Afterpilots: Two projects I’ve taken to pilot are begging to be revisited. So, if I can, I’ll be paying a little attention to Timeless (2nd episode outline in progress) and Characters (2nd episode drafted, needs heavy rewrites).
  • Webseries: I’m prepping two script-only webseries to air in 2012: Darken House, which should be entering its fourth sequence, and Dead City Blues, premièring with its first.
  • Practicum: Though I finished the weak first draft only hours ago, I have to face the fact that the second draft is due January 9 – and there’s a heck of a lot of rewrites to do for that date. Converting about 40 pages of rushed crap into 80-100 of genuinely powerful emotional dialogue, just to start. So, that can’t be discounted.
  • Hired Work: Not sure how much I can disclose about these, but I’m also writing a short film and a series of commercials for a pair of RTA grads. Two separate projects, both very creatively exciting.

So. We’ll see if I get any of this done amidst my lounging around, watching TV, blogging and reading. Here’s hoping! A lot of these projects really get my blood pumping, and I can’t wait for the freedom to dig into them.


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