PERSONAL: August Update

Hey, everyone. Here’s the rundown of how things are progressing for me as of the past month or so:

  • Blog-wise, my output has been pretty weak lately. Having little energy to write about things, between full-time work and then this past week of being constantly distracted, has left The Diversionist, The Signal and The Writers Bloc all suffering from neglect. Hoping to reverse that this week.
  • That said, my general output has been healthy. The Diversionist is up to 68 posts, and The Signal sits at a healthy 219 posts (shared between myself and the rest of the contributors). And The Signal is doing 30-50 hits daily without the benefit of regular updates, which is pretty great.
  • My focus this past month has been playing in the sandbox of dramatic webisodes, mostly in the virtual series realm. I wrote and released three new webisodes of Darken House under my Alden moniker here. Then, I played with the format in two pilot: Dead City Blues, a darkly comedic supernatural dystopia, here, and Lifeblood, an adaptation of a one-hour pilot I wrote back in October, a dark superhero dystopia, here. I also contributed a webisode to a friend’s X-Men webisode series at TEN, though it won’t be posted for a few months.
  • Social media wise, I’ve gotten much more comfortable. My Klout is up to 50, from the starting number of 26, and my influence topics are much closer to intention: in addition to the weird inclusions of South Africa and chemistry, I’ve gained influence in #amwriting (the most common writing hashtag on Twitter), #scriptchat, television, writing and blogging. Which are essentially all I tweet about, so thankfully these make sense. This is a combination of my increasing my output (my Twitter tweet count just passed 1500) and the increasing sophistication of Klout’s measurements.
  • I’ve opened, and been using, a Goodreads account. As with social media, being able to measure my progress has increased my commitment to reading, oddly enough. Last month, I read the entire Hunger Games trilogy (and parallels between its dystopia and the modern world have got me thinking I’ll have to blog about the series at some point), and enjoyed it. The last book was an exercise in misery, however, and I felt completely drained and heartsick when I put it down, so, fair warning. I also started reading Jonathan Franzen‘s The Corrections, though in three sittings I’ve only made it 16 pages in. I want to like it, but the text is so dense and overwritten that I’m exhausted after two or three pages. It’s like too-expensive hipster chocolate: too dark to be enjoyable, too dense to be comfortable, and yet you keep trying it because you want to be enjoying what other people are. If it doesn’t hook me in the next 20 pages, I’m going to give up and pick up Freedom, which my brief experience with was much more enjoyable.
  • I’ve also restarted my use with a new account. The fresh start has made my digging back in more enjoyable, and the (albeit glitchy) iScrob app I’ve been using has allowed me to Scrobble directly to the account using WiFi, which means no more lengthy scrobble dumps. That makes me happy.
  • I reoutlined the Black Dog pilot to deal with the issues of the first draft, and I’m really happy with the new outline. There’s still tweaks to make (one of my leads doesn’t do as much here as I’d like), but I’m hoping to get the new draft written and sent to beta readers inside of a few weeks. I don’t regret a moment of the previous draft. In fact, as-written, I could probably update it to be an episode of the show with some rewrites, as it gets my characters’ voices and dynamic right… about seven episodes down the road.

I think those are the most worthwhile updates. Other than the above, it’s mostly been stasis, watching Switched at Birth and hanging about doing nothing.


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