WRITING: My Projects

So, I’m in the midst of a summer that was supposed to be all about the writing. However, being transplanted up north and working full-time hours means that my writing has been moving forward inches at a time. That said, I’ve got plenty going on, and if you’re interested, check under the jump…

The Pilots

Characters – A Chuck-like hourlong action dramedy, possibly animated, about a writer who finds his creations coming to life and fighting over whether to kill him or protect him. Though the larger story structure beyond the pilot is kind of blurry right now, I’m really enjoying the dynamic with my cast and playing with a lighter story than usual. Progress: Roughly (very roughly) outlined, with act outs and some scenes planned, and 18.5 pages of the first draft written.

Black  Dog – The urban fantasy crime procedural that I drafted for my Dramatic Writing class last term, which I’m still in love with. That said, recent beta-reads have helped me see some major issues, including a subplot that belongs about 10 episodes later, so it’s going into major edits for draft two. Happy with my cast dynamics and world, though, so the worst of the work is done.  Progress: First draft written, with the next step breaking it down to the outline stage for rewrites.

Monsters – Essentially, my Buffy, with a group of young adults fighting supernatural threats in small-town Northern Ontario. A little darker, a little bloodier than Whedon‘s masterpiece, with a different cast dynamic that plays more to my strengths. Excited about this one, even though at a distance it looks like a thousand other people’s projects. Progress: Pilot outline in progress, with the main beats plotted out.

Songbirds: My take on a pilot within the same format as Glee, with musical performance numbers and some plot/theme similarities, but an entirely different show with completely different tone and story. I pitched the story and characters to my sister (verbally, as you’re supposed to), and got a great response. Progress: Outline in progress, with 12 pages written of the hourlong pilot.

Wolfe and Steele: This show follows the general supernatural bent of my wheelhouse, following a pair of monster hunters twenty years after their divorce and the husband’s remarriage to another woman. Cannot wait to dig into this, as I love the cast dynamic and the scope of the show, even as I’m struggling to find the perfect standalone story for the pilot. Progress: Story notes for the pilot outline.

Timeless: The time travel drama that attracted praise at Ryerson’s Pitch Competition, and my current showcase piece. I’m really happy with the pilot, and this is kind of the wrong territory for this segment. I’m actually writing the second script, at the moment. Most would-be writers wouldn’t, I don’t think, but I come from a webseries/virtual series background, where script-only series aren’t a rare phenomenon at all. That makes it a little more rewarding to dig into a second script and spend more time with the characters. Progress: Story notes on the outline, working out how far forward to take the leads’ relationship in episode two.


Darken House – The drama/sci-fi webisode series I’ve been writing since last year, about a mysterious world with no outside, has been moving steadily along. I’ve written 14 webisodes of the story so far, in two ‘sequences’, or seasons. I’ve got three difference sequences in-progress, each with a different set of characters continuing, or fleshing out, the next leg of the story. Progress: ‘Cracks’, looking to be 9 webisodes long, is written partway into episode 3. ‘Down the Wire’, aimed at 7, just has the beginning of the first drafted. And ‘Borders’, at 6 episodes, has 1 fully drafted. After these three, nine more planned.

The Inhuman Condition: My final-year pr0ject, hopefully. A series of 10-minute episodes exploring the psychology of supernatural beings. Progress: Story notes for all three episodes, though bits of dialogue from episode #3 written out.

Feature Screenplays

Forever: My Inception-meets-The Day After Tomorrow script, and my first-ever feature screenplay. Hopefully giving me the chance to stretch into a new medium. Progress: Constructing the outline.

Virtual Mutant – The Choice: A follow-up to MZP-TV‘s Slayer Academy series that I worked on for a number of years. Progress: 9 pages in, delayed as I have to go back to the outline and break it down scene-by-scene to help tackle it in my brain.

Spec Scripts

Glee – “Changes” – This one is broken down in a previous post. Progress: Outline notes.

Prose Projects

One Season Wonders: A book reflecting on the ‘one season wonders’ of television. A concept I love, which just needs focus (and possibly, a few collaborators) that I just don;t have yet. Progress: Planning stage.

MZP-TV Short Story Compilation Offering: A short story for the collection of short stories MZP-TV is compiling, written by its longtime writers. Due in September. Progress: Deciding on the premise and practising my prose to prepare for it.

This list should make it easier to understand my writing rants, especially if you follow my @rjlackie Twitter account. If you have any questions or comments, or would like a sample of any of the above, drop me a line here, on Twitter or Facebook!

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