Diversions in Literature III: Summer Silence

With all my books packed up for the move, and a busy summer ahead of me, I’ve done very little reading. At least, very little book reading. Click through to see what I have been reading, and what I thought…

Pretty much the only book I’ve had on hand is the copy of Ian Rankin‘s Witch Hunt that I picked up for cheap at the local grocery story. I’ve also recently finished off Mark Penn‘s Microtrends.

I’m a few chapters into Witch Hunt, and my first response is one of mild disappointment. I’m an off-and-on fan of Rankin‘s Rebus novels, and it’s becoming increasingly clear to me, as I push on through this novel, that he needs a charismatic lead character to anchor his otherwise-dry stories. As of where I am, none have surfaced. Instead, we have 2 or 3 interrelated threads, starring characters who have yet to really pull me in. I’ll keep reading it, mostly because I know it will likely improve as he gets the characters established, but I don’t know yet whether I’ll finish it.

Meanwhile, Microtrends was a very interesting read. In the intervening time (2007 to 2010), many of these trends have been noticed and seized on by pop culture. I recognised plenty, from late-age closet cases to cougars to long-term nonmarried couples. The book was easy to read and would be a good ‘eureka’ book for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a group to service with a start-up.

Beyond these two, it has mostly been blog reading. Hopefully, this summer, I’ll get more chances to read some good books.


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